Frequently asked questions

+ Does Growpolis sell or provide the services?

We do not sell or provide professional services, but that’s for our established partners to do. They are major players and specialists in their own fields of business. Growpolis’ customers will have access to the expertise of our partners through GROWPOLIS® platform. We at Growpolis connect companies and service providers, enable efficient communication and delivery of service results, handle payment transactions, and aim to keep this ecosystem as user-friendly as possible.

+ What does it mean that service providers are validated?

Not everyone can join Growpolis as a service provider. Either we have done business with our partners for a long time or we otherwise know them well and can trust that their professional services are top-notch. We also follow feedback that Growpolis’ customers give on the professional services, and work with our partners to improve on the services to achieve best possible fit for our customers’ varied needs.

+ How Growpolis benefits from offering its platform?

We charge our partners a license fee based on the volume of services delivered through GROWPOLIS® platform. In the future we plan to offer additional platform-based premium services to Growpolis’ customers, and such premium services may come with a price tag attached.

+ How do I know that our personal data and trade secrets are protected?

GROWPOLIS® platform is run on a secure operating environment (currently Amazon AWS). The platform was and will be developed with keeping confidentiality and privacy requirements constantly in mind. We know that unless GROWPOLIS® platform is a safe place to store sensitive and valuable information, and rules according to which such information is used are clear and transparent, we cannot attract new customers and partners.

+ How will GROWPOLIS® develop in the future?

Our vision of GROWPOLIS® as a platform, an ecosystem, and a nest of all services that support businesses is grandiose, to say the least. We started with an MVP version in mind but have a bucket full of features, functionalities and additional services that we’d like to be able to offer fully some day. The platform development work continues, and we look forward to receiving feedback from Growpolis’ customers and partners so that we can correctly prioritize the development work.