Nobody wants to keep learning new 24/7.

For customers

You want to focus on your product or service. With GROWPOLIS® it is much simpler. You get all the required, necessary and useful B2B services via our platform, many of them with fixed monthly fees. We care for your well-being and don’t want you to get exhausted in trying to cope with all the non-core functioning in your growth journey by yourself.

Our platform

GROWPOLIS® platform connects you with carefully chosen service providers from different sectors such as legal services, accounting, IPR registrations and marketing services.

What makes us different from online market places is that through our platform and ecosystem the service providers start communicating with each other about your needs and situation. Usually B2B support services are provided individually with no such central hub which gathers the data and makes it more useful to you.

Predictability, transparency, centralized communication via the platform – a few pros of GROWPOLIS® platform.

How to join?

Our platform opens soon. In the mean time contact members of our team. Joining is free of charge and only requires a company with a business registration number.

How to order services?

Within the GROWPOLIS® platform you’ll find individual products such as shareholder agreements or freedom to operate analyses with one-time payment as well as continuous service packages with fixed monthly fees.

How we help you?

Our job is to offer the best service providers and create a wide range of products and services to the GROWPOLIS® platform so that you can focus on your passion and enjoy our one-stop-shop technology and ecosystem. We have the bird’s-eye view of the entirety and work passionately to make it better every day.

For service providers

Interested in becoming an additional service provider at GROWPOLIS® next to the existing ones? Please contact any of our founders, we are happy to hear from you and consider if your company and its services would bring value to our customers. In the future GROWPOLIS® may include several service providers from same service categories in order to ensure 100% service level for customers at all times.

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